We are Ella Wörner and Sarah Blömer, the founders of ELSA & Co, an agency specialising in digital concepts and design. People are at the heart of everything we do, whether they are consumers, customers, business partners, or our team members. Understanding and meeting people’s needs serves as our guide to the success of our projects. Thus, ELSA & Co is more than just an agency – it is our workspace and living environment, an integral part of our lifestyle.


Who we are

In 2014, we embarked on our journey. One, a Usability Expert and Information Architect with international professional experiences, as well as a Financial expert (§34c, §34d, §34i, §34f). The other, an Art Director and Digital Expert with extensive experience in international and interdisciplinary teams and agencies. Our successes as a team, lead us to the decision to founding of ELSA GmbH in 2017.

Right from the outset, the goal has been to create user centric digital products that can make a difference. While designing, we always keep the user in focus, ensuring the customer is part of the journey. In tune with the times, our expertise, enthusiasm, inspiration, and creativity drive our daily evolution. We learn from users, customers, technical partners, and colleagues. This has shaped us and sharpened our goals. We create “Products for a better life,” whether in the Healthtech or Finance sector, or any other domain. The future is now – let’s seize it!

Meet the team

Händehalten Frau

Empathy, integrity, creativity

People are our focal point, shaping our corporate culture. This extends to our interactions with clients and employees alike. Our goal is to cultivate a productive work environment based on effective communication, supportive teamwork, and mutual respect.

Our workplace, nurtures know-how and uniqueness, it forms the foundation of our approach to projects. We believe that social sustainability is the cornerstone of creativity, it provides the space to grow. And the exchange of diverse interests fosters new ideas and innovation through cross-pollination, contributing to even better outcomes for our clients.

With this blueprint we have built a successful company and a network of like-minded pixel loving nerds.

Lifestyle & CO

ELSA & Co is more than an agency; it mirrors our collaborative work style, lifestyle, and values. It’s a space that encourages learning. Whether as specialists or generalists, our passion for diverse experiences enriches each other’s lives and broadens our horizons, enhancing our skills along the way.


Stretching body and mind together. Relaxing and recharging our batteries. Who can say they have the best yoga instructor already on board?

ELSA Yoga drei Frauen


Ready, get, set, go! From thrilling duels to a round-the-table game. With or without spin. Yet definitely sweat-inducing and fun! Challenge us if you dare.

ELSA Tischtennis

Lunch time

What’s on the plate today? Something healthy, fresh and yummy! Because at ELSA & Co everyone is a part-time chef. Our favorite: spicy buddha bowl

ELSA Küchentisch zwei Personen vor vollen Teller und Getränke


I know something that you don’t know (yet). Exchange of knowledge is an elementary aspect of our daily work and helps us grow together.

ELSA kreativ mit iPad, Mackbook, Stiften und Kaffee

After work

We love to watch the sun set at the nearby Isar river or on our balcony. And if it’s rainy? We are lucky to have our own bar inside.

ELSA Afterwork zusammen auf Balkon Anstoßen