We are ELla Wörner and SArah Blömer the founders of ELSA & Co – an agency for digital concepts and design. With the user at heart in everything we do – we love to create user-centered solutions for our clients, business partners and co-workers. In our work we rely on our own competency as well as of our strong “Co” – a network of moms who work in the digital creative sector.


Who we are

In 2014, we teamed up as a UX designer and a digital art director to found ELSA & Co.
One of us is a usability expert and information architect who had previously gained professional experiences in Spain, Australia, Canada and the U.S. and additionally works as a female entrepreneur and financial expert. The other is an art director and digital expert who has had many years of experience in working with international and interdisciplinary teams and creative agencies. We both worked for well-known global customers. And because we are two people who love to grow and drive their own success story, we wanted to use our expertise, our vigor, our enthusiasm, our inspiration and our creativity to develop our careers in a way that made it possible to work according to our own guidelines and values. We wanted to work together with like-minded people – people with the same drive that we have.


People who share the same goal: to create successful communication and brand concepts that are tailored to the needs of users. For clients of all sizes. This is what got us started. An idea that apparently worked out: the GbR grew into a GmbH in 2017. And this despite – or even because of – our idea to endorse the balance between family life and work. Because building up a network of self-employed moms has been a part of the agency concept from the very beginning. Because one does not exclude the other, on the contrary rather pushes motivation and fuels advancement. And last but not least, because ELSA & Co has grown into a solid team of six specialists since 2014.

Händehalten Frau

Empathy, integrity, creativity

People are our focus. This is what motivates us. It is part of our corporate culture internally and externally. It shapes our work with our clients and with our employees. We aim to create an encouraging, pleasant and productive working atmosphere based on good communication, supportive teamwork, mutual respect and trust. An atmosphere which cherishes the know-how and personal uniqueness of each employee. We believe that social sustainability is the basis of creativity, because it gives people room to grow and to prosper. Individual interests are a great enrichment to our company because we think that new inspirations, ingenuity and fun lead to even better results for our clients. And by applying these principles, we are proud to say that we have not only created a modern and economically-oriented company but one that can build on a strong network of like-minded pixel loving nerds.

Lifestyle & CO

ELSA & Co is more than just an agency. ELSA & Co is work and living space at the same time. It is our lifestyle and our attitude to life. It entails the way we work together, we live together and the way we want to learn from one another to mutually grow. This is the attitude we share – as specialists, as generalists, as people who passionately do things to broaden our horizon and to improve our qualifications, things that make our lives richer and more beautiful.


Stretching body and mind together. Relaxing and recharging our batteries. Who can say they have the best yoga instructor already on board?

ELSA Yoga drei Frauen


Ready, get, set, go! From thrilling duels to a round-the-table game. With or without spin. Yet definitely sweat-inducing and fun! Challenge us if you dare.

ELSA Tischtennis

Lunch time

What’s on the plate today? Something healthy, fresh and yummy! Because at ELSA & Co everyone is a part-time chef. Our favorite: spicy buddha bowl

ELSA Küchentisch zwei Personen vor vollen Teller und Getränke


I know something that you don’t know (yet). Exchange of knowledge is an elementary aspect of our daily work and helps us grow together.

ELSA kreativ mit iPad, Mackbook, Stiften und Kaffee

After work

We love to watch the sun set at the nearby Isar river or on our balcony. And if it’s rainy? We are lucky to have our own bar inside.

ELSA Afterwork zusammen auf Balkon Anstoßen


The full ELSA experience – follow us on Instagram & be a part of our family. See what we are up to, where we are heading and what we just love to share. #elsaundco

ELSA Know How vier Frauen am Tisch mit iPad, Kaffee