Anna is a creative and detail-oriented UI/UX designer who makes life easier for users by translating complex problems into user-friendly designs. She enjoys facing challenges and finding the appropriate solution for a problem. The most beautiful moment for her is when her work pays off and she can experience the seamless and improved interaction between users and applications.

A little about Anna


Anna is a person who strives to make life easier for people and make complicated processes easy to understand. Also, it is important to her to translate these problems into a beautiful and user-friendly design. Therefore she likes to wrap her head around new topics and work her way through complicated problems or processes to unravel those to create a solution that fits all needs. Her eyes sparkle when she sees users who can smoothly interact with an app, software, or website and see that it impacts their lives.


  • Bachelor of Arts – Kommunikationsdesign


What do love most about your job?
Diving into the intricacies and delving deep into a problem to search for solutions is something that captivates me every time. I love simplifying something complex and transforming it into an appealing design that is accessible. The icing on the cake is seeing users happy as they utilize the end product. Additionally, it’s never boring since one must constantly think outside the box to achieve their goals. This way, you continuously learn new things and have the opportunity to constantly evolve.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
It would be great if I could stretch time. Why does a day always have only 24 hours? That would allow me to delve even deeper into complex problems and immerse myself further into a subject. On the other hand, I would also have more time to devote to my seemingly hundred hobbies. 🙂


The image shows a illustarted version of Anna. She is spinning a rubics cube on her finger. Around here are floating different shapes, wireframes and screens.