Ella’s vision is to inspire and enable others to thrive.  To Ella, “Products for a better life” means to always challenge the status quo. Dig deep into a topic, engage with the person in front, empathise with their challenge, and see their difficulties. Ask the right questions, show a new way of thinking, and see the spark in their eyes when the solution is suddenly obvious and the path unfolds.

A little about Ella


We all have different goals, different approaches, and different knowledge. But what unites us all is the need to help others.

Ella’s passion is to work towards bettering everything she is involved in. For her, regulation and obstacles paired with the right approach only provide the framework and structure to create a product that not only serves people but helps them fulfill their needs and alleviate their “pain”.


  • LAZI-Academy Esslingen
    Communications Design and Graphic Design
    Design theory and creative thinking, Design and perception psychology, marketing, creative conception, visual and typography design, multimedia screen design, brand identity creation, photography
    Graduation: Diploma Communications Design and Graphic



  • 19 years working experience in the creative sector
  • Creative direction
  • Human centred design process
  • User Experience
  • Ideation and Storytelling
  • Design System Development
  • Workshop creation and organisation


What do they say about you?
What makes Ella not only a tremendously strong Creative but a true leader is her passion, her strong belief in creative quality, her ability to ignite others, and her regular thinking above and beyond the status quo.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
Durch meine berufliche Erfahrung und meine Leben als 2-fache Mutter habe ich den ultimativen Röntgen Blick entwickelt. Wie das geht? Die Situation scharf betrachten, das Problem kurz durchleuchten und den Kern erfassen. Und schnell und präzise eine Lösung finden, die je nach Situation pragmatisch, emphatisch oder kreativ ist. Meist überraschend einfach, immer wirksam und bedürfnisbefriedigend