Marie firmly believes that each of us can contribute every day to making this world a better place. “Product for a better life” means to her that machines exist for the well-being of people, and it is not the humans who should adapt to the machine. This is especially true when it comes to something as valuable as our health or contributing to the health of others.

A little about Marie


From her experience as an engineer and UX expert, she knows that one simply needs the right process, a clear perspective, and knowledge to overcome any challenge.

What if the solution is straightforward? What if the obstacles in the way suddenly become milestones? What if regulations are just another set of conditions? What if someone takes on the difficult tasks and provides structure and experience, offering reassurance?

Then, what nobody believed becomes possible. Then, she is on the path to a better world, a friendly coexistence, a place where one helping hand meets another.




  • Certified UX Designer Master‘s Degree in Development Engineering
  • Clothing and Textile Industry „AdA-Schein“,
  • Instructor qualification to educate and train trainees „MTM-Schein“, Methods-Time-Management, to improve work efficiency and durability


What do love most about your job?
What I love most about my job is that I can bring all of my experiences into play: the structure and analytical thinking of an engineer, the creativity and craftsmanship of a designer and textile creator, and the empathy and technical awareness of a UX designer. Yet, every day, I learn something new.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
My superpower is the ability to remember things and notice even the small details that others might overlook. How do I do it? I activate the slow-motion mode in my brain, allowing me to see things from all angles, give them my full attention, and organize them into my mental structure. When I need them again, just a keyword is enough, and I can retrieve them.

Das Bild zeigt eine illustrierte Version von Marie die nachdenklich zur Seite schaut. Sie schaut auf ein Gehirn, dass sie mit ihrem Röntgenblick scannt. Um sie herum schweben verschiedene Formen, wie Wireframes, eine Checklist und Puzzelteile.