Oliver is a Market Research expert passionate about driving into the heart of company strategies, the needs of consumers, customer, patients and Healthcare professionals.  He loves to listen and build relationships, and translating diverse perspectives into actionable insights.

A little about Oliver


Since he was young, listening to people and understanding why we do what we do, and helping others has been his mantra.Now, with over 15 years of experience as a Market Research professional, he has worked with leading and Innovative companies, gaining international experience (US, UK, Netherlands and Spain). He has worked in various fields, such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Technology and Pharma markets, giving him the confidence to be a visionary strategist with profound understanding of global markets. A profound understanding of global markets, the ability to uncover human behaviours and capable to synthesise complex data he is adept in turning all of this insights  into actionable insights.


  • Master in Internet Business (ISDI).
  • Major in Business (UPF).
  • Business and Communications Seminar (Harvard).
  • Major in Market Research (UB)Over 10 years experience as Product Owner for Software as a Medical Device in the areas of prenatal diagnostics, drug safety, telemonitoring, and patient apps for the management of chronic or acute diseases.


q.: what do they say about you?

a.:  Someone always ready to help and try to improve things. Always looking for the better solution, able to deal with different problems with positive energy and transparency.

q.: what do you love most about your job?

a.: people’s stories and desires. The thrill of uncovering hidden patterns, the joy of turning raw data into meaningful narratives, and the satisfaction of contributing to decisions that resonate with hearts and minds bring me immense fulfilment.

q.: If you had a super power what would it be?

a.: I think my super power would be reading people’s mind, I really think of the importance of getting the truth behind any behaviours. .

q.: what useless information stuck in your head since uni time?

a.: there is no such thing as useless information.