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Engel Präzisions Profile GmbH is a family-run metal processing company from Baden-Württemberg. A successful employer that operates globally, relies on sustainability and tradition and has known how to combine this with high-tech since the company was founded.



The company’s online presence was somewhat inferior to its own quality standards and corporate philosophy. The previous website, which had grown quite unstructured in its content, resembled a relic from the 2000s. Our approach: we interpreted the core value of the company, precision, as a reduction to the essentials. This idea should be reflected both in the structure of the new site and in all design elements. Visually we wanted to show the combination of minimalism with a love of detail and authenticity. Because these characteristics are also decisive for the success of Engel GmbH. The photos were shot according to our briefing in the real working environment, no stock material was used. The clear and simple design provides the framework for a modern website, which of course fulfills all SEO criteria. Above all the website should be implemented as cost-effectively as possible, with the least amount of modules and is characterized by simple DIY-maintenance.

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