evora IT – from branding to website

Evora IT Solutions specializes in mobile workforce management software. The goal of Evora IT is the design, implementation, deployment and support of advanced mobile SAP systems in the US, Australia, China and Europe.
Project: We accompanied Evora IT from the very start, helped them with branding, logo development, the website relaunch and all kinds of design relevant material like promotional products and print to digital solutions for business fairs, etc., which we continue to do so until today.

  • Evora IT Website Mockup Macbook

Evora IT Website Design

  • Evora IT Website Mockup

Evora IT Designs for Trade Fair Presentation

  • Evora IT Design Messestand mit Wand und Stehtisch
  • Evora IT Design Messestand mit Wand, Regal, Tisch und Stühlen

Evora IT Business Card Design

  • Evora IT Visitenkarte
  • Evora IT Visitenkarte

Evora IT Example of Advertising Material

  • Evora IT Plakate Stellenausschreibung und Hackathon
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