WVV Website Relaunch

The Würzburg energy supply and traffic GmbH (WVV) is a historically grown parent company, with a wide product range and many subsidiaries that cover the needs of their region’s citizens in all areas of life (energy, water, mobility, parking, composting plant, baths and glass fiber). The city of Würzburg is the single owner of the company.


In co-operation with Kl-company the complete relaunch of the WVV website was passed to us and is currently still in the technical development (First Sprint).

The requirements for the digital strategy were very high; after all, the different needs of the divisions had to be taken into account, while at the same time uniform processes and a uniform appearance of the previously solitary individual companies were set as goals. Plus: the website should be extensible for later requirements.  Much teamwork, research and intuition flowed into goal-setting and content workshops in order to bring all parties up to the same technical standard, define common goals and develop a comprehensive concept and design.

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WVV Concept Phase – Scope Matrix and Scribbles

Using scribbles and raw concepts, an agreement was reached on a WVV platform that is based on uniform templates, is easy for editors to fill, and contains separate specific modules for each division, in order to take into account the individual needs of an overarching CI. The challenge for our design team: to create an exciting user experience while maintaining standards.


The project has now been running for almost 2 years and we can only give a few insights into the current implementation status here.

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