Doctors, nurses, and health experts working under high pressure need support. With the products we design and develop, they can focus on the most important part – the patient – the human being at the heart. Patients should not be confronted with their severe health conditions in complicated ways. We help them avoid thinking about their illness all day long. We optimise processes and create digital innovations to improve their lives.

A little about Sarah


While working in the UX engineering industry for over 15 years, solving challenges and generating ideas, there were moments when we lost focus and had to remind ourselves why we initially started our company. Although each project provided valuable experiences, our expertise lies in solving highly complex problems.


However, our goal isn’t merely to entertain people; we aim to genuinely help, and ease the challenges they face. We simply create products intending to improve lives. Therefore we went back to the foundation to optimise products in the health and medical sector. Experience alone is not enough here; it’s where passion intersects with regulatory requirements and unique circumstances. Problems become opportunities and thanks to our experience, we confront them with knowledge and a clear understanding of the process.


Career Milestones and Achievements:

  • Usability of medical products by IEC 62366-1 – normative requirements and implementation
  • Further education and skill enhancement via conferences, workshops, and lectures on User experience, business and technical trends, leadership, calculation, and finance
  • Financial consultant with licence: §34f (1) Satz 1 Nr. 1 GewO (Investment) |§34i Absatz 1 GewO (Mortgage loans) | §34c (1) Satz 1 Nr.1 and 2 GewO (loans, corporate financing)



  • University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt |  Media System Design
    Multimedia Technology, informatics, usability analysis, economics, design, communication science, project management, mathematics, and languages. Graduation: Diplom Media System Designer


What do they say about you?
UX Enthusiast for simplifying complex problems without losing focus on the human side of things.

What do you love most about your job?
The always new upcoming challenges within medical surroundings and requirements. It’s never boring.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
Having multiple brains working at the same time, Basically most of the time I have it. Doing Multitasking without losing focus on the details of the topics.

What useful information stuck in your head since uni time?
If you are in a user interview always ask 3 times “Why exactly did you …?” the first one is most likely not the real “Why”.

Das Bild zeigt eine illustrierte Version von Sarah und unterstreicht ihre Multi Tasking Fähigkeiten. In der Illustration hat sie zusätzliche Arme, die verschiedene Gegenstände halten. Zum Beispiel eine erleuchtete Glühbirne, Wireframes und einen Computer Bildschirm.