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Services & CO

Services & CO

Our range of services include consulting, creation, design and implementation of all communication media and applications in the digital sector. That includes websites, eCommerce solutions, apps, software and interface design. We also have competencies in analogue marketing measures such as logo, brand and CI development, office equipment, flyers, posters, brochures, etc.

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Usability + User Experience

Usability & User experience – form the basis of our work. For us, a digital product or solution is perfect if it’s user-focused and offers a clear benefit to the user. First and foremost, a great product is characterized by exceptional user guidance, simplicity and technical usability. It so easy and intuitive to use that it will offer a real added value for the user.


This summarizes usability for us. In addition, aesthetics and a beautiful, straightforward, needs-oriented design as well as emotional design create the overall experience. A holistic positive user and brand experience leads to a sustained positive brand success.

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Our approach

How do we create such products and solutions? By listening. First and foremost to our client, whose problem we want to solve and for whom we want to create products that turn his customers into happy customers and let him achieve his business goals. We create products by analyzing and acquiring industry expertise. By learning so much about the user through scientific research methods, interviews and focus groups that we can empathize with them. Thus, their needs become our needs in all phases of the project. By regarding the user interface, the interaction between design and technology as the crucial contact point between people and user experience, and not just as art, tool or facilitator. After all, is not the case that good usability is generally not perceived at all, whereas a bad usability immediately is? Due to many years of experience in developing digital products, we collaborate well with developers to make the ideas a reality. And because we know about the technology that runs in the background, we can ensure that not only the idea but also the final product is coherent.

“Creating brands and digital platforms with human experience at heart.”

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UX / UI Design
Websites & Mobile

Today, a website has to be more than just a digital business card: it is a brand and value mediator, and further a world to explore and to experience on its own. As a contact and communication medium, it decides on what the user will feel about the brand or a product. In this sense, a website is always a sales tool, whether a shop is integrated or not. The website will turn the user into a potential customer or will leave them disappointed. Criteria that naturally also applies to eCommerce solutions. The art and our aspiration as an agency for digital concepts and design is to keep the user guidance on every device and in every form of presentation as simple as possible and to generate emotion at the same time. Real, authentic user experience that connects brands with people, meets expectations, and at best exceeds them. Perfected by design and technology. We think: one can not do without the other. Be it a simple, responsive relaunch, a product launch, a shop integration or a platform approach – we will find the right structure and the best way to the customer for everything.

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UX / UI Design
Software & Applicationen

Apps, digital touch terminals and software make our lives easier, provide help in an increasingly complex world. Provided that we find the right information where we suspect it and structured in a such a way we find intuitive. If processes do not correspond to our intuitive perception, to a simple logic, or are perceived by us as laborious, the alleged help quickly becomes an annoying hurdle, the overall impression is demolished by a single set screw.

What do you want to achieve with your application? What are your customers’ goals? Which processes can be simplified, can be designed better? Can these goals – client’s business goals vs customers’ needs – be achieved, be united with each other at all? Where can gaps be closed, processes and adjustments optimized? Our analytical and user-oriented approach enables us to synchronize workflow, navigation and usability at an early stage so that a product can be created that meets your requirements and makes users happy.

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Concept / Design / Copy Writing
Brand Identity

Branding is much more than just the face and personality of a brand, more than logo and corporate identity. In a market where products are becoming increasingly interchangeable, it is more important than ever to create emotions through clear and simple messages and a holistic approach that takes place on multi-sensory levels of perception. The customer is looking for a lifestyle, brands communicate values and become the focus of social interaction. This is the key to success, this is what determines the company’s value from the customer’s point of view. Branding brings products to life. Today’s technology makes it possible to experience it in a way that was previously unimaginable. A great advantage of digital media. Our offer covers all phases of branding. From naming and positioning to logo design, corporate identity and the creation of on- and offline marketing and communication tools in text and design. Our approach: to analyze, to examine facts, to identify needs from the consumer’s point of view, and uniting it with your wishes. Only then can an authentic and memorable brand image arise.

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