Sofia’s interest lies in technology’s impact on healthcare, particularly the shift  is causing to the patient role, from a passive observer to an active medical team member.  Technology challenges societal roles, and through empathy, thoughtful design, and perpetual improvement, healthcare narratives can be harnessed and translated into user-centric solutions.

A little about Sofia WIP



Sofia’s interest in technology’s healthcare impact stems from from her contribution to a paediatric charity foundation. The Frustrations of doctors, patients’ powerlessness, and hospital budget constraints and politicking  fueled her commitment to enable positive distribution. Inspired by a child’s joy connecting with friends through online schooling amid interminable days fo forced rest, she saw the ingenious use of technology bridging gaps. Leveraging empathy, thoughtful design, and perpetual improvement. Her interest extends to mechanical aspects of technology, to revolutionise healthcare through a seamless integration of technology, design, and human connection for a more holistic patient-centric and interconnected system.


  • Bachelor of Arts – indsutrial desing
  • narrative   soemthing workshop
  • 2nd workshop i dont remember
  • IDEO user experienceh sthot course


q.: what do they say about you? 


q.: what do love most about your job?

a.: flexibly, speed of change,

q.: If you had a super power what would it be?

a.:  the power of energy/empowering/i dont know

q.: What useless information stuck in your head since uni time?

a.: tbc