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Network & CO

Network & CO

With our “Co” network, we consciously focus on self-employed moms in the creative digital sector. As project coordinators and agents, we want to offer space and opportunities for these highly skilled people. Because despite their competence, their high motivation and their organizational talents, it is often hard for mothers to regain their place in the modern business world or to have the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects after having kids.

Infographic ELSA Network process How we work
How does it work?

ELSA & Co takes care of acquisition, client coordination and quality assurance. For our work, we take an industry-standard placement commission. Based on the freelancer’s skill set and availability, we will assign projects accordingly. Sick leave can be covered by our network and we take care of pending work and project deliverables. Why can we do that? Because we know our network on a personal and professional level and we work together like an agency team would. Furthermore, with our network events we like to expand our network even further and exchange knowledge.

Are you interested in a cooperation with ELSA or would you like to become self-employed? We should get to know each other! Be part of the ELSA network and explore great advantages of creative projects and having someone sort out the organizational part.

What’s in for the client? ELSA & Co brings together the best of the creative digital sector. It feels like working with one agency and their team. ELSA takes over project coordination and communication and ensures quality and social compatibility.


You have gained a lot of professional experience in the digital creative industry in the last few years? Besides being a mom you want to get back in business, work on your own and still be part of a team? Then you are exactly right with us!

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