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Tailored digital products for seamless experiences in Healthcare

We specialise in UX engineering to bridge innovation and user experience in medical digital solutions

Products for a better life

We thrive on the challenges of crafting new digital products. Our concepts are defined by usability and user experience (UX). Our solutions inspire, focused on improving everyday living.

The diagram shows how healthtech companies and ELSA work. Both have an iterative work process that ensures that projects run correctly with the user in mind and that a product emerges in the end. ELSA supports the companies with its UX expertise and brings in a creative process.

Healthtech needs UX

What we know:
Medical applications, Digital Medical Devices (DMDs), and prevention apps are crucial, often life-saving. They must be easily accessible and intuitive. Despite new regulations, UX is still lacking in many health sectors. We aim to change that!

What we do:
As usability and UI experts, we tackle complex challenges in finance, crisis management, and healthcare. Our approach quickly identifies your user and business needs, leading to intuitive and usable solutions.

Let’s Do It: Bringing More UX to Healthtech! Starting now and for EVERYONE.

Elsa meets Healthtech


Case studies our clients

The projects below have been selected to showcase our commitment in significantly improving the lives of users by providing solutions that are sustainable in the long-term. During the development of these projects, we considered challenges as opportunities, addressing them as essential conditions for innovation. The final designs can be found in our references.

Our packages

Collaborate with us and improve your product. Jump right in by exploring our selection of UX packages.

Audit of an existing product

  • Analysis of an existing product
  • Generating quick wins, that are immediately beneficial
  • Coming up with new ideas for future improvement

⌀ 3-7 days

from 4500 euros (plus VAT)

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    Co-Creation and UX Enabling

    • Setting a fixed area that needs to be enabled
    • Working together as a team on new solutions
    • Consulting but also creating a UX strategy together

    ⌀ 3-6 months

    from 18.000 euros (plus VAT)

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      • Getting hands-on on a specific topic in a closed group
      • Working on an open problem or question together with you intensively within the workshop
      • We prepare the workshop beforehand but also hand over the results afterward

      ⌀ 4-8 days

      from 9.000 euros (plus VAT)

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        Let’s take an e-coffee together

        ELSA Geschäftsführung Ella Wörner Sarah Blömer

        ELSA is …

        Ella Wörner and Sarah Blömer, are the founders of ELSA & Co, an agency specialising in digital concepts and design. In any our our projects, people are at the heart of everything we do, whether they are consumers, customers, business partners, or our team members. Understanding and meeting people’s needs serves as our guide to the success of our projects. Thus, ELSA & Co is more than just an agency – it is our workspace and living environment, an integral part of our lifestyle.

        A challenge we are tackling

        We began this project with one simple goal in mind: aid German-based physiotherapist in their fight against the 20-minute time window set by insurance. During this, a practitioner must get acquainted with patients and their pathologies, convey information, practice exercises, assess conditions, and design personalised exercise plans for patients to follow between visits. As research went on it became clear that this challenge is not localised to Germany.

        To the other side of the coin “the patient”: Sometimes in pain and unfamiliar with prescribed exercises, they can struggle with remembering all information. Naturally, they must follow their exercises or risk nullifying the progress made. Feeling overwhelmed or confused is not an unlikely scenario.

        The owner of a physiotherapy practice in Munich drew our attention to this. Together we are tackling this challenge: Our vision is to empower physios to streamline the creation, storage, and sharing of exercise programs. This allows practitioners to dedicate more time to quality interactions with patients within the 20-minute window. The shared plans have all the relevant info to minimise confusion and facilitate the sharing of programs. Currently in the MVP stage, and are receiving input from all over Europe, these insights from professionals enable us to refine our concept to suit their needs.

        Better together!

        We are already active partners in the following networks and support digital progress in the healthtech sector within these organisations:

        What our clients say