Wroomer – e-Financing Platform for Used Cars

In contrast to previous concepts, the WROOMER platform uses the monthly financing rate as the central starting point for used car searches. The intelligent search, which takes financing models into account, is started via a budget controller and accesses the AutoScout24 car pool with over 400,000 cars when searching for offers. The WROOMER brand is a start-up and is derived from the “wroom wroom” onomatopoeia, which children make when playing with matchbox cars.


In this project we were responsible for brainstorming, conception and visual implementation. A particular challenge for our UX/Creative team was to make the experience as simple and playful as possible for the user while maintaining the standards and requirements set by the financing banks for this complex data collection process.



  • Wroomer Website Mockup Macbook

Wroomer Mood board and User Flow

  • Wroomer Userflow und Moodboard

Wroomer Scribbles and Wireframes

  • Scribbels und Wireframes für Wroomer Website

Wroomer - from Branding to Advertisement

  • Wroomer Website Mockups
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